Roblox Weird Strict Dad

Ever wondered what happens when your average day with dad takes a terrifying turn? Welcome to Weird Strict Dad, the Roblox horror game that turns a fun-filled day into a spine-chilling survival challenge! Get ready to face the unexpected as a mysterious figure unleashes chaos, possessing your dad and turning your cozy home into a haunted nightmare. Will you survive?

How to Play

1. As the clock strikes, your dad gets possessed, and the house transforms into a playground of paranormal activity.
2. Navigate through the haunted house, avoiding possessed dad’s creepy encounters, and unravel the mysteries lurking in every room.
3. Make it until 6 AM, or the spooky specter catches up to you!

Avoid, Hide, Survive!

Prepare for unexpected twists and turns as you encounter possessed dad in various forms. He might appear in unexpected places, bringing a spine-tingling suspense to your every move. Can you outwit the possessed parent and stay alive in this creepy supernatural adventure? The night is young, and the scares are waiting!

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