The Baby In Yellow

The game The baby in yellow is a relatively short, but very intense and atmospheric first-person horror game. Initially, your task is to look after a cranky infant. After a while, you start to notice that he may have supernatural abilities. You are left alone with him and it is you who will have to solve all the associated problems that appear after you put the baby to bed.

How to play?

In the intro, you will have to go through a few basic steps that serve as a preliminary introduction. The first task is to feed the infant. You need to find him, then in the kitchen to find a bottle with milk, and then already give it to the baby. The next stage is to change the baby’s clothes. After feeding him to swaddle him. To do this, the character should be taken to a special table, find a diaper and change. During the game you will be given various instructions and as you pass they will seem more and more strange. You will have to face paranormal phenomena, after which you will have to make quick decisions. The main thing is to live until the moment when the morning comes and all the nightmare will end.

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