Haunt the House

Haunt the House allows you to reincarnate a ghost who needs to scare all the people in his house. The main goal is to make them escape first from the room and then from the room. At the beginning of the game you find yourself in one of the rooms of the house. No one sees you as a ghost. You need to make all visitors run away, which is why you need to scare them well. There are many features available to your character, such as walking through walls, possessing furniture, making noise and doing other things. The game has different levels and rooms where people are constantly staying. Everyone needs to find their own approach, as they will react to your actions differently. You will be required to show imagination, to apply different ways of influencing people. Everything takes place in a fun humorous atmosphere, which is emphasized by simple and funny graphics. Here you will find an interesting journey into the world of ghosts.

Playground atmosphere

Players are waiting for a unique gameplay, which combines the atmosphere of the cartoon and elements of horror. Design features include vivid characters that interestingly respond to all your actions. You will be directly involved in the paranormal by playing with other people and their fears. Control in the game is quite easy to master. You gradually move through the floors, inhabit various objects, and can work out various strategies to expel uninvited guests. This is an original adventure with interesting tasks that will drag you to a few nights.

Similiar games

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