The Baby In Yellow 2

Hold onto your pacifiers and diapers, brave nannies! Babysitting just got a demonic upgrade in Baby in Yellow 2. Get ready to handle the weirdest, creepiest toddler in your life in this crazy yet oddly adorable horror fest! Will you even survive it?

The Baby in Yellow 2 Features

1. Devil in a Diaper: This toddler might have the eyes of an angel, but he is a real monster under his yellow onesie!
2. Babysitting Marathon: Prepare for seven chapters of diaper-changing dilemmas, baby bottle battles, and demonic discoveries.
3. Ragdoll Physics: Watch the baby tumble, toss, and tantrum with physics that defy both logic and the laws of babysitting.
4. Puzzle Pandemonium: Solve not your ordinary preschool puzzles, fetch hidden collectibles, and get to the bottom of the eerie poltergeist stuff going around.
5. Jump Scares and Diaper Dramas: Survive in the haunted house as the baby unleashes his demonic side.

How long can you keep your babysitter cool when the baby’s got a demon on the loose? Play The Baby in Yellow 2 and find out!

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