Pumpkin Head Rider

In the game Pumpkin head rider you will have to play as a pumpkin head racer. Your task is quite simple – to get from one place to another, overcoming all the complexities of the route. The main peculiarities are in the physics and controls. You can set the direction of movement forward or backward, as well as tilt the bike in different directions. Tilts are especially effective when jumping, when you need to keep your balance to land normally. The vehicle bounces and springs, which makes it difficult to control, but allows you to do dizzying stunts that give you the opportunity to collect more points.

Who will be interested in the game?

The game will appeal to fans of racing, horror genre, as well as those who are looking for something new for themselves. You will have to overcome difficult parts of the route at high speed. Slow down in the right places and collect candy on the route to get more points. You choose your own style of passing.

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