Mario’s Madness V2

Ever wondered what it would be like to take on the legendary Mario in a hip-hop showdown? Well, wonder no more! Introducing the electrifying Mario’s Madness V2! Get ready to breakdance, rap, and boogie down against the evil version of everyone’s favorite plumber!

Evil Mario is in Town

Something’s gone awry in the Mushroom Kingdom, and it’s not just a simple plumbing issue. The usually jolly Mario has gone mad, and it’s up to you to face off against his wicked beats. Can you out-rap the evil Mario and bring harmony back to the green pixel world?

How to Play Mario’s Madness V2

• Step onto the dance floor and engage in an epic rap battle.
• Follow the rhythm, hit the right notes, and outshine Mario in a musical face-off.
• Stay on your toes and don’t let the evil beats throw you off!

Are you ready to defeat Evil Mario on stage? Grab your mic, lace up those dancing shoes, and hip-hop your way to victory!

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