Garten Of Banban Escape

Garten of Banban escape game – the game belongs to the genre of horror quests. You find yourself at night on the territory of a kindergarten, where at this time there are various mystical events. The character is locked in a room and without your help he can not get out. The player needs to find all the items necessary to move forward without getting caught by the monsters living in the dark rooms. Gradually you will open new and more interesting locations. All this brings you closer to the cherished escape from the gloomy place.

What do you need to do to get out?

At the very beginning you find yourself locked in one room. From it there are several exits, but to open them you need to fulfill certain conditions. You need to find a card of the required color, a key or something else. After searching the room, you will find the first key, which opens the possibility to search new rooms. There are many rooms in the kindergarten, including playrooms, locker rooms, reception areas and other places. You need to open all the doors, for which you need to solve the accompanying puzzles and activate the necessary mechanisms. Periodically you will be hunted by a monster, meeting with which will be fatal. You have five attempts to complete the game.

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