Garten Of Banban 7

Greetings at Garten of Banban 7 – not your ordinary kindergarten where dreadful creatures roam freely, and every corner conceals a new terror! Prepare for a harrowing journey as you navigate monster-occupied levels, uncover grim secrets, and embark on a quest to find your missing child!

Kindergarten of Nightmares

Something’s off with Garten of Banban, and you’ve always sensed it. But now it’s too late – the kids have disappeared, and your son among them. The police is helpless, so it’s time for the fearless mom to take matters into her own slightly trembling, yet still determined hands. Brace yourself for a sequence of suspenseful exploration, tricky puzzles, and ominous encounters that will question your parenting choices!

Garten of Banban 7 Features

• Vast kindergarten to explore
• Dozens of doors to open and riddles to solve
• Menacing presence in the air
• Wacky and creepy discoveries along the way
• Once-friendly mascots gone rouge

Are you brave enough to step right in? Face the monsters, uncover the mysteries, and rescue your kid from the clutches of the unknown!

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