Bonnie’s Bakery

In the game Bonnies bakery you have to manage a bakery that serves customers. The main character is simultaneously a manager, baker and service staff. In this simulator there are a lot of interestingly designed moments, so you can feel like an employee of a catering establishment, preparing for customers their orders. In the process of passing to you will come to various visitors, asking to cook them certain dishes. You need to start cooking in the kitchen, exactly following the requests of customers to meet their needs.

Game Features

The main gameplay is based on cooking. There are also elements of service and other important aspects of running a bakery business, but most of the time is spent on baking. You receive orders from customers. After that, you need to find the appropriate recipe, the book with which is on your desk, and start cooking. For this purpose, you have the appropriate equipment and ingredients in your kitchen. If you do everything right according to the recipe, the customer will be satisfied and the bakery will do well. Otherwise, you will lose customers. So that the passage does not seem difficult and incomprehensible, it is better to initially undergo preliminary training.

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