Ice Scream: Horror Escape

In the game Ice scream horror escape you play as a simple boy who faced the kidnapping of his friend. He went out to buy ice cream in a van, but together he found himself kidnapped by a suspicious person in the van. No one but the protagonist saw what was happening, so it is he who will have to save his friend. The game combines elements of quest and horror. Here you are waiting for an interesting plot and a variety of puzzles that will have to be solved as you pass. You are inferior to the maniac in strength, so you will not get the most simple method to solve the issue. To do this, you will have to show ingenuity and act as carefully as possible.

What is the peculiarity of gameplay?

The view in the game is presented from the first person, so all the environment and necessary items you will see in close proximity. The main gameplay consists in solving riddles, for which you need to find items, unite them, activate them for further advancement. First you need to get out of the room. This must be done through the window, as you need to act quickly and can not lose sight of the car. Further you will have access to new exciting quests.

Similiar games

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