The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is an arcade shooter game with a top view. There are explicit elements of roaglike, which makes each passage unique. The plot is based on a biblical story in which Abraham was to sacrifice his son Isaac. The game tells the story of little Isaac living with his mother. At the behest of the voice of God, she must sacrifice her son. But the son does not agree with this scenario and escapes to the basement. It is there that the adventure of the protagonist begins.

Game Features

There are many levels to complete during your travels. They are created using procedural generation, so during each attempt a mass of random events is created. As a weapon you can use tears, bombs, various objects. At the level you will find upgrades that will help destroy more enemies. You are also required to collect treasure and find the secrets of a dark dungeon. Depending on how you go through, the journey can end in different endings. This is influenced by your decisions and the items you encounter. The game features several hundred different items with different effects and parameters. The protagonist encounters multiple enemies with unique behavior and attacks. Some of them alter character abilities and characteristics. Each time you build a new build, you will get a variety of combinations of characteristics. Based on this, different strategies are created for passing levels.

Similiar games

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