Phasmophobia is an exciting cooperative adventure that can involve four players to join with others to find and fight ghosts. You play as ordinary urban paranormal investigators, having in their arsenal not so many modern things to find ghosts. But as you progress, you will get the opportunity to pump up your equipment, which will allow you to fight ghosts more effectively.


During the passage you together with other players explore different houses and other locations. To do this, players use special tools that each character has. You can measure the electromagnetic field, temperature, use ultraviolet trace to detect traces. From the correct application of techniques and research activity largely depends on the success of completing the task. It is also affected by how well you know the behavior of ghosts. There are more than 20 ghosts with different behaviors. In some cases you need to fend off the pursuing monsters, while in other situations you need to find and chase them. Each task consists of several stages, which should be completed by the whole team.

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