An Average Day at the Cat Cafe

Welcome to a new thrilling simulator where you will run your own café. You always wanted to open a cozy place where you can serve your signature latte and other tasty things. But there is one interesting nuance in this entertainment. Your customers are not people. These are cats! And not only cats. Quite often your place will be visited by ducks and even some strange beings. Once they step inside, they will order a drink or something else. And you need to precisely follow their order if you want to keep your customers satisfied!

Keep your café open as long as possible!

Will you manage to serve everything your clients want? If you fail to make the correct drink, just pour it in the sink and make a new one. You never know how your visitors will behave once they are upset with your service. And some of them look like true paranormal creatures, so it is better not to make them angry. But the most interesting events will unfold at night! You cannot predict who will appear in your café when it gets dark. Will you still manage to keep everyone happy? Delve deeper into this adventure. The controls are basic and can be easily mastered by all the players. But make sure you correctly interpret each request of your guests to provide excellent service and earn enough points! The game is engaging and will keep you busy for hours. Even little players will enjoy the managements of this cool cat café! Do not skip this entertainment!

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