In Storyteller, you play the role of a writer who gets a book that has yet to be written. It is you who must create a new story. The game has many creative components, as well as an original gameplay that will interest many players of different ages and preferences. The game has 13 levels, each of which is the chapter of the book. Each chapter has several scenes with a set of cells. The player’s task is to arrange the characters to form a specific scenario. Depending on the location of the characters and additional items, there will be special interactions that affect the development of the story. By creating a certain storyline, he can move on to the next stage.

Game level

In one of the stories you need to have a wedding, which stands out the bride and several other characters. Naturally, the main character must choose only one of the candidates. How this will happen and what will follow will depend on your decisions. On the given field you can rearrange characters as you want. Sometimes it may become unclear why you need particular locations and things, but this makes the passage more original and creates interest in repeated passage of the same levels. The game is a place where you can fully enjoy the overkill options, try something new, make mistakes and go all over again with great interest, as each time you are waiting for something unique.

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