Pumpa is an exciting arcade game with simple and interesting tasks that can keep the player engrossed for hours. Thanks to the simple design, intuitive tasks, as well as a fun atmosphere, it will interest many players. During the first levels you can easily master the controls and further enjoy the gameplay.

What is the game about?

Before Halloween, as usual, there is a big rush for pumpkins. The local farmer is loaded with work and does not have time to load all the vegetables from the vegetable garden. The last pumpkin does not want to stay alone, so it decides to catch up with the others and jump into the back of the truck. You control the pumpkin, giving it the direction of the jerk. You need to get to the truck, passing obstacles in the form of pits, ponds, large ledges and other things. You set the direction of the jerk and its strength. It is required to accurately calculate to get to the right point without dying. You have an infinite number of attempts to overcome interesting and sometimes difficult routes.

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