Final Fantasy 6

The War of the Magi left the world bereft of magic, forcing humanity to turn to machines for survival. However, a glimmer of hope arises as a young woman with mysterious powers is discovered. Plunge right into Final Fantasy 6 and save the world once again!

Final Fantasy 6 Highlights

• Modernized Interface: Now even sleeker, neater, and downright better!
• The Magicite System: Customize the abilities, magic spells, and summons your party members acquire.
• Auto-Battle Options: Don’t wanna get your hands dirty? Let your characters do the heavy lifting for you!
• Whopping Bestiary: You’ve never seen that many quirky and creepy monsters packed into one pixel cubic meter!
• Knots of Destiny: The fate of each playable character are interwoven, leading you through a captivating melodrama.

So, relive the magic of playing Final Fantasy in this most recent, most awesome chapter of your favorite post-apocalyptic saga, navigate the eerie twists and turns it has to throw your way, and make sure the mankind lives yet another day! Good luck!

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