Sort the Court!

Sort the court game is a ruler simulator. Here the player acts as a king or queen. He needs to manage his kingdom, communicating with the inhabitants and responding to their requests. During the passage you need to make various decisions that affect the development of the kingdom, people in it and other features.

How to play?

The main part of the gameplay consists of making decisions. People come to you with proposals. You agree with them or refuse. By answering the questions posed by the characters, you build your own policy. During the passage you will be shown different situations, you will face different requests from the residents and from each of your decisions depends on the next move. At the end of the day, the results are summarized and a new stage begins. Decisions are usually related to trade, foreign relations, defense of the country and other aspects. Your actions affect the mood and state of the people, the amount of gold and other things.

Similiar games

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