Lethal Company

Alright, cosmic scavenger, buckle up for a wild space ride through the unpredictable corridors of Lethal Company! Team up with three friends and set out to brave the unknown as a super crew, ready to face any kinds of alien dangers and bring home the precious loot. Ready? Let’s take off!

Lethal Company Features

1. Loot or Bust: Picture this – you’re on a distant moon, surrounded by abandoned structures, rusty mines, and mysteries waiting to unfold. Your mission? Grab as much loot as you can before time runs out!

2. Haunted Moons and Cosmic Capers: Explore picturesque moons filled with lurking horrors and untold secrets. Expect the unexpected – anomalies, monsters, and maybe even an unfriendly ghost or two!

3. Upgrades and Gadgets: Got loot? Good. Now, head to the cosmic shop and splurge on upgrades and hi-tech gadgets. Jetpacks, scanners, or even a cosmic disco ball – gear up to face whatever the cosmos throws your way.

Time’s ticking, cosmic traveler! Each run gives you three in-game days to meet your profit quota. Grab loot, dodge monsters, and blast off before the cosmic clock strikes!

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