Amanda The Adventurer

Amanda The Adventurer is a fascinating project that combines several genres and types of gameplay. Players are waiting for both funny and gloomy moments. You will have to cope with a number of important riddles, help the characters of the children’s show and solve the unobvious mystery associated with the childhood of the main character. All this is embodied within a relatively short, but very diverse and moderately dynamic game. There are several secrets and even a hidden level, which will be solved only by truly attentive researchers.

Game plot

The plot is that the aunt of the protagonist gives her a house. At the same time, she asks to look at something in the attic that she may be interested in. Your character almost immediately goes to the specified place and once in the attic, you enter the game. While looking for the right item, the heroine finds a few interesting things. Soon she tracks down what her aunt was talking about. It is a videotape of an old children’s program. It seems to the character that she watched it as a child, but after inserting the cassette into the VCR, the heroine realizes that she doesn’t remember a lot of things. Many things begin to happen there that in no way fit into the framework of a children’s TV show.

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