Terraria is stylized as a retro style, but is a representative of the modern gaming industry. This is a two-dimensional pixel game where you control a character in randomly generated locations. This makes every adventure extraordinary and unique. You go into a world full of riddles and dangers. The main goal of the game is to explore the world. During this time, you will need to fight enemies, find resources, and develop a hero to get to more complex and dangerous locations. The game world consists of several different biomes. You can walk through the forest, the desert, the dungeon and other places. All locations contain their special resources, enemies and unique items, upgrades, other items. You need to visit biomes, kill monsters, collect objects and boost your character. This will allow you to move on and deal with more complex opponents.

What’s gonna beat the bosses?

Although the game lacks plot, it includes biome bosses. The player must defeat the boss to be able to progress to the next level. During the passage you will meet many additional and optional goals. You can build temples, collect treasures, play mini-games. The collected resources allow to develop the player, his base, get the necessary items. As a rule, players improve their character’s weapons and armor, and engage in building development as it all helps in combat. One of the features here is a fairly deep system of creating items. You can experiment with different combinations of resources.

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