Deep Down

In this cool entertainment, you will play for a cute character armed with a bow and arrows. Your task is to move across the location that is constructed as a maze that goes down into a dungeon. However, you are not alone in this spooky place. There are many creatures around that will hunt after you, as well as lots of obstacles you must overcome. The place hides a lot of mysterious things, you can even find chests of treasures here. But your success will completely depend on your agility and attentiveness. If you miss attacks, you will lose your life very easily. Let’s check how far you can advance.

Launch your arrows in time!

Some of your enemies will remind big flying insects. Other will look like giant beetles. It is necessary to destroy them with arrows before they attack you. If you see a barrier in front of you – crash it to continue. Remember you have only several lives, and once you miss a few hits, the game is over for you. Whenever you see a chest with treasures on your way, make sure to plan your route so that you collect it. You may find helpful boosters to delve deeper into this mysterious maze. As you progress, there will be more and more traps on the way. Besides, the maze is moving quickly and you must think even faster not to lose. The ultimate goal is to reach the very bottom of this treacherous cave. Are you capable of that? Do not give up after failures, enhance your skills and keep going down!

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