Roblox Nightlight

We all have to pay for our sins, and sometimes quite a price. In Roblox Nightlight, you have to redeem your egoism and greed in a house of horrors that will chill every bone in your body. The darkness conceals unseen threats, and your only ally is the flickering flame of your candle. Will you be able to complete this nightmarish quest?

A Tale of Redemption and Darkness

Stranded in a forest on a pitch-black night, you seek refuge in the house of a seemingly friendly stranger. However, all is not as it seems, and you must atone for your past greed. Collect 8 notes marked “Selfish” to break free from the shackles that bind you!

Roblox Nightlight Gameplay

1. Navigate through the eerie forest and the mysterious stranger’s house by the dim glow of your candlelight.
2. Find hidden matches to keep the flame alive and fend off the encroaching shadows.
3. Each note brings you closer to liberation, but the forest holds its own secrets that may challenge your resolve.

Facing the unknown is daunting, but redemption offers a gripping experience where your choices determine your fate. Good luck, sinner!

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