Pumpkin Panic 2

Your spooky farming adventures continue in Pumpkin Panic 2! If you missed harvesting pumpkins while dodging evil garden gnomes and shape-shifting deer, it’s your chance to catch up on the latest fruits and veggies that just hit the market and on the newest monsters that just settled down in the nearby forest. See if you can do a good job as a farmer while also doing a good job as a survivor this time!

A pumpkin farm for a pumpkin guy

Once again, you’ll set foot into this weird and slightly creepy farm in the middle of the woods. It looks completely deserted, but rather lovely… so far! There are all those cute beds you can walk among doing your farming things, and all those nice orderly alleys guiding you around the farm, and cute little bridges over the river, and a cozy house with a bed, a table, and everything a hard-working farmer needs, and even a boat moored at a wooden pier… Everything looks cute and cozy, as if you’re watching a cartoon.

Cutely creepy and creepily cute

But right off the bat, you can tell the horrors won’t be long to follow. Well, maybe not horrors, maybe some mild spooks, maybe you can even call those spooks cute too, but anyway, our main hero is a bizarre-looking creature with a pumpkin face and on thin legs that wears a raincoat with a pointy hood, slightly reminiscent of any popular Halloween character. Especially at night, when they carry around a lantern and it illuminates them with an eerie circle of red glow. Creepy! But awww so cute!

Harvest, jumpscares and more cuteness

So what exactly do you have to do in Pumpkin Panic 2? Same old, same old. Get some seeds, stick them into your beds. Go to the well, get some water. Water the seeds, watch them grow. Harvest the plants, sell them to buy more plants, or tools, or equipment, or anything you need. Just the regular farming routine.

Until you meet one of those monsters! Just as you can expect, the monsters are adorable and cute too. But that doesn’t make them any less dangerous! Each of the creatures you’ll encounter has its specific pattern of behavior, and there are certain life hacks that will help you avoid danger. Make a good point of learning about them early on – dying here is cute of course, but it’s still dying!

There are also exploring, and scavenging for resources, and crafting, and solving puzzles… What not! Pumpkin Panic 2 will give you a great time and a few decent jumpscares. Put on your pointed hood, light up your lantern, and let’s begin!

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