The game Backrooms is an atmospheric first-person horror game set in a three-dimensional world. It is based on one of the internet legends that there is a place that has endless office corridors and rooms. It is almost impossible to find a way out of this place, so people stay in it forever. You play as just such a person who got into such a maze. You need not only to survive, avoiding the attacks of monsters, some of which are invisible, but also to find a way out of the terrible place.

How to play?

Standard controls are waiting for you. From the first person the player can move in any direction. You can speed up if you are attacked or feel monsters approaching. During the game you need to explore the surrounding locations and listen to what’s going on around you. The sound plays quite an important role, as you can track down the dangers and places where the enemies are. Initially, you need to hold out as long as possible to get a chance to get out of the horrible nightmare alive. It is quite easy to get confused in monotonous corridors, so you need to develop a strategy and try not to panic during serious dangers that are found at every corner.

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