Choo Choo Charles Revenge

Choo choo Charles revenge game is an atmospheric first-person shooter where you find yourself in a remote village. You need to get out, while solving all the accompanying tasks. Here you are alone against a whole group of people who will be waiting for you in different locations to destroy. Inside the village, the player will meet with various characters who can give him keys, give advice and help in other ways. But none of them will help you to shoot back from groups of enemies. The player needs to move through different locations, following the pointer, defending himself from enemies, looking for ammo and other useful items needed for the task.

What is the game interesting?

You are waiting for a full-fledged three-dimensional first-person shooter, in which you have several types of weapons, the ability to run away, duck and perform various actions with surrounding objects. You immediately go into the world of adventure, without any unnecessary preambles or tutorial missions. Everything you need to know about this world and your mission, you will learn as you go along. You need to spend your ammo wisely, so that you don’t find yourself at the wrong moment with a single knife against a large group of enemies.

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