Sprout Valley

Welcome to a new thrilling simulator devoted to a farming theme. It will be especially appreciated by little players because of its cartoonish graphics. This time, the entertainment is designed in a pixelated style. You play for a little cat named Nico. The protagonist decided to forget about busy city life and settle down in Sprout Valley. But the hero wants to make his living cozy and comfortable. So, your task is to help the character plant and grow a dream garden! The activity allows players a lot of freedom and fun! Do you already know what type of garden you will grow?

Arrange the best garden ever!

You will be able to select seeds and plants for your future garden. But it will need a lot of care and attention to grow them. Besides, you will have to water each plant regularly. Help Nico cope with this never-ending flow of farming errands. Besides, you will have to complete a lot of side tasks that will bring you points. Once you accumulate enough points, you can unlock new plants and purchase various items for your garden. Make sure you get cute decorations for you lovely farm. As the story progress, the protagonist will find friends and interact with them. There are a lot of interesting missions the players will need to complete here. This activity may seem somewhat primitive for adults, but kids will adore it. Besides fun, they will learn a lot of useful things about growing plants and care tips.

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